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The Chrome extension for Uber.

It allows you to connect with an Uber driver in minutes, without leaving your browser.

Uberify transforms any address into actionable Uber buttons. No need to mess with code.

Plus, you can now type 'Uber pick me up' in your browser, and an Uber driver will be on your way.

How it works

Download and Install the chrome extension

All the code is open source and avaialable on GitHub to download. To install it, open chrome on the extension settings page by going to chrome://extensions/ and follow the installation procedure there.

Connect with your Uber account

Once enabled you can just click on the icon on the toolbar, and login with your Uber account. On success the Uber icon will glow, meaning you are now good to go. You will see your profile info now if you click on the icon again, and you will be able to logout if needed.

Navigate the web

Just start browsing, and every address found will be uberified in a button that will call Uber for you for that address. As a pickup point Uberify uses the HTML5 geolocation API. Scroll down this page and if uberify installed successfully you should see a 'Call Uber' button appear.

When needed, just choose your ride

Because every option counts, Uberify relies on the estimates Uber API to provide you with options to choose before calling an Uber. Just choose your ride and enjoy!

About the project

This project was built during the Uber/Hackreactor hackathon. Uber worked closely with the Hack Reactor Remote Beta faculty, in a joint effort to expand developer outreach and help train engineers with our expertise in API development. Remote Beta’s real-time online program is available worldwide, and previous cohorts have attracted budding engineers from across the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Hong Kong and Canada. The hackathon took place during the solo week of the HRRB7 cohort. You can read more about it here


Nick Balestra: Software Engineer at HackReactor

Syed Jafri: Software Engineer at HackReactor

Evan Hackett: Hacker in Residence at HackReactor

About Uber

Uber is evolving the way the world moves. By seamlessly connecting riders to drivers through their apps, they make cities more accessible, opening up more possibilities for riders and more business for drivers. From their founding in 2009 to launching in hundreds of cities today, Uber's rapidly expanding global presence continues to bring people and their cities closer. Learn more about Uber.

About HackReactor

Hack Reactor educates more Software Engineers annually than UC Berkeley, Stanford, and Caltech combined. HR graduates are more likely to get a job (and at a higher average salary) than four-year Computer Science degree holders from any of those institutions. This track record of success reflects HR team’s relentless dedication to each individual student, motivated by a belief in the transformative power of education. Learn more about HackReactor.

Demo Address

5000 Hwy 7, Markham, ON L3R 4M9, Canada